Belkin AirCast Auto – safer phone calls, more music

Belkin AirCast Auto

Belkin AirCast AutoUsing a mobile phone while driving can be dangerous, particularly using a non-handsfree method. A somewhat safer solution is a Bluetooth system, but it’s really only newer cars that come fitted with such a system.

A new alternative is the Belkin AirCast Auto. Connect the device to a car stereo via the headphone jack, and you can wirelessly take and make calls. Your voice is picked up via an inbuilt microphone, in the button component of the AirCast Auto. Also packed into the button is echo-cancelling technology, to help make your voice clearer. The voice of the person on the other end will come to you through your car stereo speakers.

In addition to phone calls, the Belkin AirCast Auto will allow you to play wirelessly play music stored on your Bluetooth-paired smartphone through the car stereo speakers, and if internet-enabled and connected, you can also play internet radio through the system.

Belkin AirCast Auto price and availability

The Belkin AirCast Auto, with the very sexy catalogue number F4U037tt, is available now, and has an RRP of $129.95.

Belkin AirCast Auto main features

  • Compatible with most A2DP stereo Bluetooth enabled devices, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, and most other smartphone devices
  • Aux-in plug connects to your car to make calls and play music over car speakers
  • Embedded microphone with echo-cancelling technology
  • Easily switch between phone calls and music with one push of a button
  • Power adapter with USB port to charge your phone