Digital comics on the Notion Adam Ink tablet computer

Notion Ink Adam and digital comics from LongBox

Notion Ink Adam and digital comics from LongBox

Work continues on the much-anticipated Notion Ink Adam tablet computer, and we’ll be keeping an eye on its progress. I think it’s very safe to say that this product will see the light of day, and that it remains a very exciting looking devices.

Apps are being written, and recently there was an announcement from LongBox Digital that they are working with Notion Ink. In essence, LongBox Digital is the ‘iTunes of digital comics‘. Play the video below for a quick look at the LongBox system.

Below is an extract from the LongBox press release, talking about what LongBox see as the synergy between the hardware and the software. To catch up on everything Notion Ink Adam, including specs, images and videos, visit our Notion Ink section.

LongBox, Inc. announced today their partnership with Notion Ink, the company behind the much-anticipated ADAM tablet. The partnership places the LongBox Digital Platform as the exclusive pre-installed service for purchasing, cataloguing and reading digital comics on all four of Notion Ink’s announced tablets, as well as any other tablets or portable devices utilizing Notion Ink’s Genesis system over the next two years.”

“We’re incredibly excited about this”, said LongBox, Inc. CEO Rantz Hoseley. “Our goal from the very beginning has been to expand the market for comics and graphic novels beyond the current audience served by the print market, so OEM partnerships have been a key focus for the platform. Having a partnership with Notion Ink… ensuring that LongBox Digital will be part of the core entertainment system on all ADAM tablets side by side with their eBook, TV, music and film services… well, that really is a dream come true for us.”

Notion Ink’s ADAM tablet garnered the attention of the tech industry, and Hoseley himself, at CES with its Pixel Qi screen. The dual-mode technology makes it possible to read the screen like color ePaper in bright sunlight, or as a normal LCD screen in dim surroundings. The power of what was shown led Gizmodo to write, “The bullet is in the chamber, ePaper is dead.”

But it wasn’t just an impressive piece of hardware that interested Hoseley. “Reading up on Notion Ink, and its founder Rohan Shravan, it was very obvious that here was a like-minded group, who started Notion Ink and the ADAM tablet for the same reasons we were driven to create LongBox Digital. That they believed in the power of ideas, and the importance of narrative in people’s lives, Most importantly, that the emerging portable space is a juncture for us as humans to change how we interact with our stories, the storytellers, and the tales we tell as creators.” Hoseley does note, “It’s easy to talk big lofty ideas. To see a company deliver the goods, even when it isn’t easy to do so? Those are the kind of people you want to partner with, and Rohan and his team have been phenomenal in that regard.”