Giles & Posner Peanut Butter Maker – where you control the spread

Giles & Posner Peanut Butter Maker

Giles & Posner Peanut Butter MakerPeanuts go in, peanut butter comes out. Peanuts go in, peanut butter comes out. Ahh, the fun Homer Simpson could have with a hospital bed AND the Giles & Posner Peanut Butter Maker.

And don’t be misled by the name, no no no! Giles & Posner are not some nut discrimination organisation. If you like your crushed and slightly liquified sandwich spreads to be a bit more exotic, say from the almond, macadamia or Ogbono nut families, then knock yourself out, throw them in the hopper, select whether you’re of the crunchy or smooth variety, crush and enjoy.

And because you’re making the ‘insert your nut of choice’ butter, you control exactly what goes in. So you can steer away from fats, oils and things with chemical names such that you have no idea whether you’re eating food or primarily paint stripper.

Price and availability

As far as I can see, there’s no Giles & Posner Peanut Butter Makers on the retail ground in Australia. But visit the Giles & Posner website, and you can pick yourself up one for £29.99.

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