iPad Smart Cover

The iPad Smart Cover, working as a stand

The colour range of the Apple iPad Smart Cover

At the same time as designing the iPad 2, Apple has designed the iPad Smart Cover, a neat, colourful way to protect the glass front of the iPad 2.

The iPad Smart Cover holds on to the iPad 2 via magnetic clips built into the frame of the Smart Cover. When the iPad 2 detects that you’ve lifted the iPad Smart Cover, it wakes up from its sleep mode. Likewise when the cover is placed back on, the iPad 2 goes into sleep mode.

In addition to protecting the front of the iPad 2, the iPad Smart Cover also can fold back on itself to function as a stand, either to lay down and type, or stand up and watch a video or have a Face Time chat.

The iPad Smart Cover, working as a stand

The iPad 2 Smart Cover is available in a choice of 10 colours. Five are made of polyurethane, and five of aniline-dyed Italian leather. The polyurethane colours are pink, orange, gree, blue and light grey, while the aniline-dyed Italian leather colours are beige, brown, black, dark grey and (PRODUCT) RED. The inside is lined with a microfibre to help keep the iPad 2 clean.

The iPad Smart Cover will be sold separately, with Australian pricing to be revealed closer to the March 25 release date of the iPad 2.

UPDATE: The polyurethane version will sell for $45 in Australia, the leather version for $79.