March 2 is all about iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 event

Apple iPad 2 event

There’s been an increasing amount of chat about the iPad 2 in the last few days. Some commentators reported that both it and the iPhone 5 were going to be delayed due to production difficulties. Soon after other commentators claimed that the reports regarding production difficulties were incorrect.

Judging by the invitation to a March 2 Apple event, reproduced above, and the incorporation of an iPad in the graphic, it looks like the iPad 2 is right on track.

What do you think?

Have you been holding back for Apple’s second go at the iPad to buy one? Or were you an early adopter? If yes, will you be looking to get in a quick upgrade? And new features… what do you think will Apple will add or improve?

Let’s chat about it a bit, add comments below, and then meet back on March 3 to see what 2011 will be the year of iPad-wise.