Marshall Hanwell – a stack of sound for your portable music player

Marshall Hanwell speaker for portable music players

Marshall, one of THE names in guitar amps, has in the last few years begun to add its name to some audio products outside the rock and roll stage. There was the Pure Evoke 1S Marshall digital radio, and the Marshall Major Headphones and Marshall Minor Headphones. Now, the Marshall Hanwell speaker.

Marshall Hanwell speaker, in hand

The Marshall Hanwell will be available as a limited edition product. It’s a speaker box for your iPod, iPhone, or <insert name of popular portable music player here>. Not for the Marshall Hanwell is any of your new-fangled wireless, Bluetooth, or Air Play technology. Instead, you plug one end of the curly cord into the headphone jack of your music device, and the other end into the top of the speaker. Adjust the volume, bass and treble knobs to your liking, and manage the on/off business with a classic metal toggle switch.

The Marshall Hanwell is due for a release this month.

Marshall Hanwell speaker, controls

Marshall Hanwell specifications

  • Compact active loudspeaker
  • 2x 6” long throw hifi woofers
  • 2x Ferrofluid cooled hifi dome tweeters
  • Pwm amplifier 100w (cool running)
  • Over temperature protection
  • Frequency response 35hz-20khz +/-5db
  • Bass and treble tone controls
  • Max. output 110db spl@1m
  • Mains input voltage 100-120/220-230 vac, 50/60hz
  • Max. power consumption 200w
  • Dimensions 435 x 193 x 297mm / 17.15 x 7.60 x 11.70in
  • Weight 10.5kg / 23lb