Movie Peg for the iPhone – handy video viewing

Movie Peg accessory for the iPhone

Movie Peg iPhone accessoryThe Movie Peg is a small plastic stand for your iPhone, perfect for those who are using iPhones to watch video, or use as a bedside alarm clock or camera stand.

It’s made from recycled plastic, and comes in six colours – Black Rain, Yellow Submarine, Soylent Green, Blue Velvet, Pretty in Pink and Red Dawn. There are plans for limited edition colours/designs, to be released later in 2010.

Brendan Dawes, the Creative Director at magneticNorth (mN) says, “Good design is always about removing things until you’re left with something pure – free of unneeded “noise”, so it’s intended use can better shine through.” I think they’ve stayed true to their design ethos with the Movie Peg. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s affordable.

The Movie Peg will work with the iPod Touch, but the fit is not as tight as it is for the device for which it has been specifically designed, the iPhone.

Movie Peg accessory for the iPhone

Price and availability

At the time of writing, the Movie Peg is only available from the Movie Peg website, at a price of US$4.95. I’m still waiting on an answer about Australian retail distribution.

UPDATE MARCH 23: Lisa Bolton, from magneticNorth, told me that “yes we are talking to a number of retailers about stocking MoviePeg, so hopefully you’ll see it in a store in Australia soon.”

And the iPad?

Yes, there is a version of the Movie Peg for the iPad in the works.

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