Nine minutes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy tab is due for a November release, in the meantime this 9 minute video gives you a good look at the main features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung tablet computer, Android Froyo tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is down for a release some time in November, so it will be a while before we all get to test it, and see how it stacks up against the Apple iPad.

In the meantime, Samsung have released a 9 minute video, which will be the best look we get until the product is on the shelves.

The video takes you though the following features, and more:

  • Proportion: how the device fits in the hand
  • Email: SWYPE typing
  • Calendar: combined view of different calendars, such as Google, Facebook and
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Keyboard dock in action
  • Contacts: blending of the recent Twitter, Facebook and MySpace activity of those in your address book
  • Its use as a phone, and videoconferencing
  • Electronic book reading via the Readers Hub app
  • Music Hub to play your music
  • Web browser, and its support of Flash and HTML5
  • Sharing content via connection to bigger screens

So set yourself down for a 9 minute look at what will be a big gadget deal in November. There’s no voiceover, just a soundtrack of some not very funky music, so see if you can perform some interpretive dance stylings as you learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab:

For an overview of this device, including specifications, read Samsung Galaxy Tab release date announced, or, for more pictures, Samsung Galaxy Tab – photo gallery.

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