Notion Ink Adam – more pre-launch news

Notion Ink Adam tablet computer

Notion Ink Adam tablet computer

More news from the Notion Ink Adam camp – apparently there are no delays, the product is on schedule and funding for global product distribution has been secured.

In his latest, somewhat inscrutable blog entry, Finally the Good News!, Notion Ink founder Rohan Shravan has said that the November date mooted as the launch time for the Notion Ink Adam tablet computer is “not true”. Instead he simply says, “… simply put, just hold on! We are on track”.

In the last little while Shravan claims that Notion Ink:

  • will be able to price the Adam more aggressively
  • have trialled another operating system which will be cheaper and more battery efficient (initially Android 2.x, Ubuntu Linux and Chrome OS were trialled)
  • there will be two types of Notion Ink Adam on sale, one LCD and the other with a dual-display LCD / PQ (an electronic ink-like screen) version
  • work has been done on email features that “might become the biggest differentiation for Adam”
  • an SDK will be released for developers to write apps for the Adam

So all in all, it sounds like the Notion Ink Adam is well on the way to being on the way. Soonish.

For a look at the specs of the machine, plus a video overview, read our earlier story on the Notion Ink Adam tablet computer.

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