Offspring season 1 on DVD for Xmas

Offspring, season 1 on DVD, box set

Offspring, season 1 on DVD, box set

Season 1 of Offspring is yet to finish its first broadcast run on Australian TV, but it will be on sale on DVD on December 1.

From the makers of ‘The Secret Life of Us’, ‘Tangle’, ‘Love My Way’, and ‘Rush’, ‘Offspring’ has done reasonably well building an audience, averaging around 1 million viewers per episode. It stars Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart, Don Hany, Eddie Perfect, Deborah Mailman and John Waters.

‘Offspring’ season 1 price and release date

The 5-disc box set of Offspring season 1 will be in stores on December 1, and will sell for $59.99 RRP.