Phonofone III – power your music… without power

Science & Sons Phonofone III, front view

Science & Sons Phonofone III, angle view

The Phonofone III is another gramophone-type speaker – like the Bone Collection Horn Stand – that docks an iPhone, and uses horn acoustics to passively amplify sound. Passively amplify? Without power – no mains, no batteries.

Designed and produced by Canadian company Science & Sons, the Phonofone III is made of ceramic, and is compatible with the following iPhones: Gen 1, 3G and 4G. They don’t list the iPhone 3GS, I can only presume that they’re including that under the umbrella of the 3G.

Science & Sons Phonofone III, front view

The company claim that the Phonofone III amplifies the volume of the iPhone by four times, to about 60 decibels. It weighs 800 grams, and measures 27 x 29 x 22 cm (H x W x D).

The Phonofone III sells only from the Science & Sons website at this stage. The Canadian dollar price is $195, and if you want one shipped to Australia it will cost you – in Canadian dollars – $195 + $125 shipping.

Video demonstration

Want to see the Phonofone III in action? Here’s a short video demonstration: