If you’d really like to immerse yourself in sound and vision, and you like a little 60s/70s-style retro, the 5.1 Sound Egg Chair, made by Acousticom Corporation.

In its basic form, the foam-lined chair is equipped with a 100-watt, 2.1 stereo amplifier, upgradeable to a 5.1 system. Right in back of you as you sit in the chair is a 10″ sub-woofer, with 20Hz-20 kHz frequency response.

The look of the chair can be made to your taste. Choose the colour of the shell, foam and seat.

The basic Sound Egg sells for US$1,450. Optional extras include a 5.1. receiver for US$400, US$360 for a monitor arm, and US$650 for a 22-inch LED TV + monitor arm.

Buy the Sound Egg

Amazon are stocking a good range of colours of the Sound Egg – click to look at or buy theĀ Sound Egg on Amazon

The Sound Egg by Acousticom, in red, green and blue.