TechStyles Top 10 – September 2010

Nokia Kinetic concept mobile phone

The top 10 stories read on TechStyles over the month of September. We gave August a miss, as it was much the same as the month before. September was a different story.

Thanks to readers submitting and liking our stories on and, not only did TechStyles have a huge month, but we have some new blood in the Top 10.

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1. Nokia Kinetic concept mobile phone – it’s not a real phone, it just a design exercise. But it shows a refreshingly different way of approaching mobile phone features.

2. Ulysse Nardin Chairman Smartphone – from $12,000 to $50,000 – yes, you read the prices right! It’s what happens when the world of high-end watchmaking meets the smartphone.

3. Nokia N8 smartphone preview – only today this long-waited-on phone was launched, and will be in stores November 1.

4. Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife – the knife world’s evil genius – one Swiss Army Knife, 87 tools, 8.75 inches wide. Little wonder it’s in the Guinness Book of Records.

5. Nikon D3100 digital SLR preview – this is a new, very highly-specced digital SLR camera, and while not cheap, it is a lot of camera for the price.

6. Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo Reach package – a big name game deserves a customised Xbox 360.

7. White iPhone 4 – none till the end of the year – Stephen Fry has one, but very few others do. It seems the problematic Gorilla Glass the iPhone 4 is made of has probems other than being a little shatter-friendly.

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab release date announced – to date still the most likely strong competition to the Apple iPad.

9. Martin Jet Pack – the ultimate personal flying machine? – hellish expensive, but who wouldn’t want to have a go flying this thing!

10. Samsung NX100 digital camera – under $900 – the latest of the new MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras) the new smaller alternative to digital SLR cameras.