Tefal Toast n’ Light – colour your toasting world

Tefal Toast n' Light

Tefal Toast n' Light toasterThe Tefal Toast n’ Light toaster could be just the home appliance for those who think, “I just need my kitchen to be a little more… disco”.

This toaster starts off white, then changes in turn to indigo, blue, green, yellow and orange. And then red. The colour changes signify the progress of the toasting process, with the last colour, red, telling you that the toast is done.

The Toast n’ Light takes up to two slices, and includes a high lift lever, allowing easy access to cooked toast. You’re able to adjust the browning, with other settings including reheat, defrost and stop.

Actually, I’d like to think hitting ‘Stop’ puts the toaster into Disco mode, setting off all the colours, and maybe throwing in a soundbite of a pumping bassline, but I suspect it just, rather boringly, pops up the toast.

This product is up on the Tefal UK site, although you can only access it from a menu in a certain position, it does not appear in the main navigation of the Tefal site. As for Australian availablity, Tefal Australia has told TechStyles that it has “no information regarding this product being launched within the next 12 months”.

Tefal Toast n' Light

Tefal Toast n' Light toaster white

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