The Butler – wall-mounted storage for your iPhone and more

The Butler stores your iPhone, wallet, keys and more - side view

If you’re forgetful, or have an urge to be extremely organised, designer Curtis Micklish has something for you that he calls The Butler.

It is a wall-mounted box, made from solid walnut and baltic birch ply, that you mount on the wall. Inside are compartments to hold your keys, wallet, and your iPhone Рup to an including the iPhone 5. Not only does it hold your iPhone, but it also accommodates the charger for the iPhone, and when the dark wood hanging arm is pushed over to the left, can leave the iPhone to display as a wall clock.

The Butler, by Curtis Micklish, is a wall-mounted place to place your iPhone, wallet, keys and more - front view

The box measures 25.4 cm wide by 22.86 cm, and is 5.7 cm thick (that’s 10 x 9 x 2 1/4 inches for the Imperial-minded).

Micklish is US-based, but sells worldwide from his website, The Butler sells for US$170, excluding shipping.

The Butler, designed by Curtis Micklish - the iPhone compartment