Zapata Flyboard. The most fun you can have on the water?

You see a lot of things when you put in some time watching the Tour de France – chateaus, cows, churches, double denim, field art, and, guys riding bikes. And then, on occasion, the French TV picks up something really quite unexpected. The other night, it was a couple of guys playing about with the product in the video above, the Zapata Flyboard.

Plying much the same vein as the Jetlev Flyer, using water as a propulsion to fly above the surface of a body of water, the Flyboard looks like a lot of fun.

Zapata had the idea in the Northern Hemisphere spring, and after a few prototypes, it had the Flyboard patented in September 2011.

If you want a Flyboard, and who the hell wouldn’t, the cost is around US$6,600.

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