Apple Store for Castle Hill

Apple Store, Sydney

Apple Store, Sydney

If on August 20 you’re in the vicinity of Castle Towers Shopping Centre, around 5 pm, and you hear a lot of cheering and clapping, louder and more animated than you might be used to, don’t worry, you are not anywhere near the marketing clutches of Hillsong. No. You are just close to the opening of Australia’s 9th Apple Store. And just to be clear, I’m having a shot at Hillsong there, not Apple.

If you’ve not been to an Apple Store opening before, drop in and check it out. The staff get very revved up for about 45 minutes before the doors open. I think it’s terrific. Apple are a known to be a company that excites its customer base, and I like seeing the enthusiasm there on the other end of the sales chain.

Apple do retail seriously well. There’s a lot of tech to play with, so you can take a really good look at things you might want to buy. If you want to go deeper into what the products can do, book in to one of the many training courses they run. And the staff are attentive, friendly and well-trained.

The first 200 people into new Apple Stores receive a specially designed t-shirt, which people around the world collect. These Apple Store opening are big events in the Apple world – the t-shirts do get traded for good prices. And look in the line for some overseas people. There are one or two who make it a point to attend each and every Apple Store opening.

The Apple Store Castle Towers opens to the public on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 5 pm.

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