Case-mate Lisboa iPhone 4 case

Case-mate Lisboa iPhone 4 case

Case-mate Lisboa iPhone 4 case, cork iPhone 4 caseThe Case-mate Lisboa iPhone 4 case is a little more organic than most iPhone cases, as its primary material is cork. The name Lisboa is a nod to the country of Portugal, which is responsible for something like half the world’s production of cork.

Actually, if you look closer you’ll see that the Lisboa has metal flecks, in either gold, silver or bronze colour, embedded in with the cork.

In addition to the cork case for the iPhone 4, you also receive a screen protector kit for the phone.

On the Case-mate website, there’s varying opinion on the Lisboa case. There are some complaints about the quality of the finish, some like the use of metal in the cork, others don’t. Other user reviews praise the protective nature of the cork, while others refer to the thinness of the cork. Bottom line though, and particularly with the iPhone 4 and its somewhat brittle all-glass exterior, is don’t drop it!

Case-mate Lisboa price

Case-mate Lisboa iPhone 4 caseWith an RRP of $29.99, the  Case-mate Lisboa can be purchased online at Amazon.