Fingerist – turns iPhone & iPod Touch into an instrument

Fingerist, iPhone and iPod Touch music accessory

Fingerist, iPhone and iPod Touch music accessory

If you’ve downloaded a few guitar apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you want to make your device more guitar-like, the Fingerist is the iPhone / iPod Touch accessory you want.

Fit your iPhone or iPod Touch into the chassis, connect via the fold-out dock connector, and you’re away. The addition of the body and neck frees up room for your fingers to better use the iPhone or iPod Touch as an instrument.

The Fingerist contains an in-built speaker, which pushes out 3W/4 Ohms. In addition to making music, you could also simply use the Fingerist and its in-built speaker as an iPod dock, playing your iTunes library just a little louder than the iPhone / iPod’s inbuilt speaker can manage.

Also in the base is a line-out jack, allowing the Fingerist to be plugged into a guitar amp.

Fingerist, iPhone and iPod Touch music accessory

The Fingerist is powered by 3 x AAA batteries, and sells for US$150.

However, it’s not available yet, as the makers Evenno note on the Fingerist website:

We regret to inform you that we will not be able to deliver Fingerist on schedule, March 2010 due to procurement delay. We will shortly confirm and announce new schedule here on our web site. Thank you for your understanding and continued interests in Fingerist.