Griffin USB Reserve Power – go forth, ready to charge

Griffin USB Reserve Power, with iPhone 4If you’re in the trenches in the battle of modern portable devices versus battery life, the Griffin USB Reserve Power could get you out of the occasional losing skirmish.

Plug in into a computer, or into a USB-enabled mains charger, and the USB Reserve Power’s internal 950 mAh lithium-ion battery, well, charges.

It’s a Type A USB, and the plug is retractable to protect it from damage. An LED display provides a quick idea of the level of charge available from the device.

Griffin claim the USB Reserve Power will work with “almost any 1 amp USB device or charger”. That covers some smartphones, GPS devices, iPods, etc. See the compatibility chart below.

Griffin USB Reserve Power, device compatibility image

Buy the Griffin USB Reserve Power

The Griffin USB Reserve Power is available online at Amazon. It has a listed price of US$40, but sells for around the US$30 mark – and under – online.

Griffin USB Reserve Power, angle shot

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