Harley-Davidson’s new e-bike company, Serial 1 Cycles

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-bike side view

In 1901, a Mr Harley and two Mr Davidsons began work on small engines that they would place in pushbike frames. In the time since their company Harley-Davidson went on to bigger, better, faster, and gruntier things. Cut to 2020, and the company is about to enter the growth market that is e-bikes, establishing a new standalone company, Serial 1 Cycles.

The company has plans for a range of e-bikes, with the pictures accompanying this article of a prototype it has made. In essence, this is a Harley-Davidson skunkworks project that is set to operate as a startup.

On the Serial 1 Cycles website is a countdown clock, with some sort of reveal on 16 November 2020. A full range of e-bikes is down for the (Northern Hemisphere) Spring in 2021.

Other than the showing off of the prototype not a lot is known about what’s to be revealed. We’ll update this article as details are revealed.

In the meantime, here’s a video pan of the prototype, accompanied by a very serious voiceover.