HTC Desire GPS fix available now

The HTC Desire GPS problem now has a fix, courtesy of HTC and Telstra - in fact they've given notice of two ways fix the HTC Desire GPS issue.

The HTC Desire, the latest Android smartphoneThe problem with the HTC Desire’s GPS feature, which was reported last week in HTC Desire GPS problem – fix expected soon, has been addressed, and below are details from HTC and Telstra for all the methods available to fix the issue.

HTC and Telstra have been working together to develop a software update that will correct the HTC GPS Desire issue. This update will be available to customers this evening, Friday 30th April (AEST).

The software update will be available in two forms:

1. Firmware over the air (FOTA): a notification will appear on the Telstra variant HTC Desire smartphones advising the customer an update is available. Customers can then choose to install this update over their mobile network or over Wi-Fi (it is recommended that customers travelling outside Australia use a Wi-Fi hotspot). The update will be unmetered for Telstra customers who download the update via the Next G network in Australia. Customers will receive step-by-step installation instructions with the notification.

2. Software download from the HTC Australian website: this software download will contain the complete updated software package (also known as the ROM) for the device. The package size is around 150MB and should be downloaded to a PC before being installed onto the HTC Desire via the bundled USB cable. Please note this method will erase any data stored on the device which cannot be reclaimed once new software is installed. Customers are strongly advised to back up all data on the device’s removable memory cards before installing new software as files stored on the device’s removable memory card will not be affected.

The software update also introduces an additional feature to the HTC Desire – voice search. Voice search allows customers to use voice commands to find information on the internet more quickly. The voice search feature is integrated within the search functions on the device and can be activated by pressing the microphone button next to the search box.

Customers can contact HTC if they have any further queries at or call HTC Customer Care in Australia on 1300-482-482.