Microplane Meat Tenderizer: a little bit foodie, a little bit Trekkie

Microplane Meat Tenderizer red

Ever find yourself in the kitchen, mincing up the meat for a family dinner, and thinking to yourself, “I’d really like this part of meal prep to be a little moreā€¦ Klingon”?

Then look no further than the somewhat fearsome looking Microplane Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer. Rather than any old school hammering, with this beast of a kitchen appliance you simply roll it back and forth over the meat, killing it all over again with its metal teeth of meaty death.

It’s made from 18/8 stainless steel, and is dishwasher safe. Not finger-friendly, but dishwasher safe. It’s just shy of 13 centimetres in diameter, and weighs 170 grams. It’s available in two colours, black/red and black/grey.

The Microplane Meat Tenderizer sells for US$19.95.