Microsoft Touch Mouse – a magic mouse?

Microsoft Touch Mouse, side view

Microsoft Touch Mouse, top view

The Microsoft Touch Mouse was shown at this year’s CES in January, and is Microsoft’s competing accessory to the Magic Mouse released by Apple in late 2009.

In essence the top surface of the Microsoft Touch Mouse is very much like the trackpad on a notebook computer. Multitouch gestures can be employed, such as scrolling, panning, paging forward and back, docking, minimising/maximising, showing the desktop and more.

Microsoft Touch Mouse, side view

There’s smarts on the bottom of the Touch Mouse too, with the device using Microsoft’s Blue Track technology allowing the mouse to work, and work well, on almost any surface.

The Microsoft Touch Mouse is due for release in the Northern Hemisphere summer.

Video demonstration of the Microsoft Touch Mouse

Here’s a video overview of the Microsoft Touch Mouse: