PlayStation 3 Ninokuni magical edition bundle

PlayStation 3 console Ninokuni magical edition

Like the look of this version of the PlayStation 3, the Ninokuni magical edition? The good news is that it’s not a mock-up, this PlayStation 3 will be released on November 17. The bad news? It will only go on sale in Japan.

Ninokuni is the name of a game, from a collaboration of the Level 5 publishing house and Studio Ghibli. It’s been an extremely successful game on the Nintendo DS portable games device, and the game is headed for the PlayStation 3 platform on November 17, marked by the release of this limited edition PS3 Ninokuni magical edition bundle.

Actually, Sony Japan have said that the name Ninokuni is only a tentative one, a name change could occur between now and the November release.

It’s to be a 160GB version PlayStation 3, and in Japan will cost the equivalent of approximately US$450. The character visible on the bottom left of the console is one of Ninokuni’s main characters, Shizuku, fairy of Tears.

The game itself will be released initially only in Japan, but unlike the limited edition console it will go on sale throughout the world in early 2012.

PlayStation 3 console Ninokuni magical edition