POPA button attachment for iPhone 4S… and iPhone 4

POPA iPhone camera button

When the iPhone 4S was released recently there was some debate – or noise – over whether its improved camera would render ‘real’ digital cameras and videocameras obsolete. Silly debate really. It’s better than the iPhone 4, but it still has limitations, as you’d expect from a device where imaging is but a small part of what it can do.

But you can’t deny that smartphone cameras are more and more these days the thing we reach for to snap a picture. More often than not because it’s right there in out pocket and ready to go, and there’s a good selection of apps available to add effects to our snaps.

Plus there’s neat attachments, like the Photojojo lens, and now, new from the team at Beep Industries, is the POPA button. The POPA button slips on to the bottom of your iPhone, and instead of having to fish around for the home button on the front of your iPhone to take a photo, instead you have a big red button to use. In addition to the easier shutter control access, the POPA button stands your phone up, turning it into a legless tripod.

This is a new product, so new it’s not quite on sale yet. It will be available from November 21, from the Beep Industries website, at a cost of £49.99. In the pack is the  POPA button, carry pouch and a leather wrist strap. It will  work on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S,  running iOS 4.2 and up.