Prices to be reduced on the ‘Best of HBO’

The Wire, HBO, on DVD

The Wire, HBO, on DVD

In late September -from September 29 to be precise – a selection of HBO’s finest shows will be available for reduced prices, in what is being marketed as the ‘Best of HBO’.

Yes, it’s a marketing title, but in this instance it’s not mere hyperbole. These shows are some of the best TV not only of the last 10 years, but in television history. I cannot recommend The Wire and The Sopranos highly enough, and Entourage never fails to amuse. Flight of the Conchords is funny TV, and proof that Kiwis can do more than kick our arse at Rugby and steal our claim on the invention of the pavlova.

It is true, that you can on occasion pick up these titles for these prices sometimes, but I’ve found the low price seems to shipment-based. One day you’ll pick up a title for $24.95 at a store like JB HiFi, and the next day it shoots up to $49.95. Buying online, yes, there are often better prices than RRP to be had. At least now you know there are some definite discount prices ciming to a store near you. Soon.

The prices

  • True Blood – $39.95 RRP per season
  • The Sopranos – $29.95 RRP per season
  • Flight of the Conchords – $24.95 RRP per season
  • Entourage – $24.95 RRP per season
  • The Wire – $24.95 RRP per season

Purchase any of the shows above, and for a limited time each will be available purtied up in a ‘collector’s sleeve’, and include an additional disc, containing as a bonus pilot episodes of:

  • The Pacific
  • Eastbound and Down
  • Bored to Death
  • Hung

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