Sagemcom Sixty cordless phone – the old made new

Sagemcom Sixty cordless phone, orange, handset off

Sagemcom Sixty cordless phone, orange, front angle

Do you miss the look of the old rotary dial phones, but not the five minutes you had to devote to dialling a phone number? Well, the Sagemcom Sixty Digital Cordless Retro Style Telephone has your nostalgic-but-impatient back.

There’s a dial on the front, but the buttons are push button. Unlike old-fashioned phones the Sagemcom Sixty stores 150 phones numbers, and has an in-built answering machine. The touchscreen on the front… yes, well, you didn’t see those on the blessed old plastic 60s and 70s rotary phones.

Sagemcom Sixty cordless phone, orange, handset off

The Sagemcom Sixty has been made for the European market, and goes on sale there next month. It’s a terrific retro design nod that looks good, but more importantly has a feature set that we modern digital citizens demand.

Sagemcom Sixty cordless phone, black

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