Sony Bravia 3D TV – 4 new models in 2 weeks

Sony Bravia NX710 and NX810 series LED 3D TV price and feature table

Sony Bravia NX710 and NX810 series LED 3D TV

Sony is to release four new 3D-capable TV within the next fortnight, the NX710 and NX810 series. 3D-capable meaning you’ll need optional 3D accessories: 3D Glasses (TDGBR100B or TDGBR50B) and 3D Transmitter (TMRBR100)

The Sony Bravia NX710 series will be available in 40″ and 46″ screen size, while the NX810 series will be a choice of 55″ or 60″. And the NX series employ the Sony Monolithic design feature, so these are some nice looking TVs. If you do look at these TVs, do remember that there is an optional stand available, that is better looking, gives better sound, and allows you to tilt the TV back 6-degrees for a more optimal viewing position. Further on this, the 6-degree leanback is not an option on the 60″ model.

Both the NX710 and NX810 series are Dynamic Edge LED Backlight TVs, with the NX710 series employing Motionflow 100Hz technology, the NX810 series with Motionflow 200Hz technology.

Internet TV channels

The NX710 and NX810 will also show internet TV channels, or TV widgets, of which there are currently 20, including:

Sony Bravia NX710 and NX810 series LED 3D TV internet TV

  • ABC iView – Catch-Up programs and more from ABC TV
  • SBS – Six Billion Stories and Counting
  • Yahoo!7 – what’s On Yahoo!7
  • Moshcam – live music channel
  • Fifa – Fifa World Cup collection
  • You Tube – clips from around the globe
  • UCTV.FM – your daily music fix
  • Wired – technology news
  • Golflink – Track, learn & improve
  • eHow – How to videos in 24 categories
  • Video Detective – movie trailers
  • Daily Motion – Our best videos on your TV
  • Ford Models – Ford Models fashion & lifestyle
  • Epicurious – for people who love to eat
  • Blip.TV – The best shows of the web
  • – fashion coverage from A-Z
  • Podcasts – RSS feeds from around the web
  • Concierge – travel
  • Howcast – how to videos
  • Livestrong – health and fitness videos
  • On Networks – On Networks in HD
  • NPR (audio) – National US public radio
  • Price and availability

    The table below details the main features and availability, but even though all models and sizes are due in stores within the next fortnight, no details regarding prices have been released.

    Sony Bravia NX710 and NX810 series LED 3D TV price and feature table

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