Sony RDH-SK8iP iPod dock – 4 looks, many sounds

Sony RDH-SK8iP iPod dock

Sony RDH-SK8iP iPod dock

So, you’re all set to buy an iPod dock, but you’re worried you’re committing to one ‘look’? The “catchily-named” Sony RDH-SK8iP iPod dock might be the one for you.

Included in the box are four separate interchangeable ‘skins’, so you can chop and change the look as the iPod dock as the mood takes you.

The RDH-SK8iP carries the ‘Made for iPod’, but not the ‘Made for iPhone’ certification, so docking your iPhone will not be as seamless, and interference-free, as those that do have the certification. Rest assured, though, it will play your iPhone’s tunes.

Sony RDH-SK8iP iPod dock price

The Sony RDH-SK8iP iPod dock has an RRP of $229, but I’ve just seen it selling in a Sony Style store for $199, so, as ever, shop around!

Sony RDH-SK8iP iPod dock

Sony RDH-SK8iP specifications

  • Power output (RMS): 75W
  • Connectivity: iPod / iPhone dock, audio in, rear headphone jack (3.5 mm)
  • Speaker size: 12 + 4cm
  • Tweeter unit: Cone
  • Dimensions: 605 x 190 x 165 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 6.3 kg

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