Telstra’s M8 IT CAN W8 safety campaign

Telstra's M8 IT CAN W8 logo
Telstra's M8 IT CAN W8 logo


Telstra's M8 IT CAN W8 logo

I’ve railed before in articles and social media about my utter contempt for people who drive and use their mobile phone in a non-handsfree manner. I’m not venting here – although I will say I hope if you are one of these people I hope you’re caught and fined and lose licence points – instead I’m here to highlight an excellent new inititaive from Telstra, the M8 IT CAN W8 campaign.

In Telstra’s words:

Telstra is inviting you to take a stand against texting on the road through the M8 IT CAN W8 driver safety initiative. The campaign aims to encourage drivers not to send or read texts on the road. If you’re a passenger in a car and the driver starts texting, make it very clear… M8 IT CAN W8! It’s just not worth it. Ever.

Texting while driving is a growing cause of accidents and injuries on our roads. Studies have found that texting while driving causes a 400% increase in time spent with eyes off the road. Despite the incredible danger, people continue to put themselves, their friends, and other motorists and pedestrians at risk. But there’s something you can do.

You can find out more, do the questionnaire, and sign up and receive a free M8 IT CAN W8 ‘thumb banned’ at the M8 IT CAN W8 website. You can also try ‘The Science of Why’, an “interactive exercise designed to illustrate just how difficult and dangerous it is to text while driving.”

Please do spread the word. There’s enough distractions and dangers out there on our roads – we don’t need any dumb drivers on their smartphones creating more danger. Pull over, let it ring and go to voicemail, or splash some cash on a Bluetooth device or system. And for God’s sake don’t text, tweet or Angry Bird while driving!