TidyTilt for iPhone – case, stand and more

TidyTilt for iPhone, in its 2 positions

The TidyTilt for iPhone is the design work of Zahra Tashakorinia and Derek Tarnow, both students, and both studying human-centered design at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago.

The initial research for the TidyTilt revolved around the issue of how people store their earphones when not in use. What they have ended up with an accessory that works as a case, stand, earphone storer and, with its inbuilt magnets, the ability to wall mount your iPhone.

TidyTilt for iPhone, on magnetic key holder

It looks like Zahra and Derek have gone to school a little on the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2. Not only does it act as a channel to store the earphones, and work to protect the face of the iPhone, it folds in and on itself to work as a stand, in either portrait or landscape orientation. I don’t by stretch mean to demean their work with the reference to the influence of Apple Smart Cover – designers borrow from each other all the time, and if you’re going to borrow, do so from a great implementation!

See the TidyTilt in action in this short video:

In order to have the TidyTilt manufactured, and then go on ale, Zahra and Derek have gone the through the Kickstarter website, that in a nutshell is crowd-sourced funding. They were after $10,000, an amount they required by January 29. At the time of writing they have been pledged $136,696, from 3,217 backers. It looks the the TidyTilt for iPhone is something that people want to see, and an iPhone accessory that will be actually go on sale, be it brick or click shop shelves.

So, it looks like they have the cash backing. They have working prototypes, and a manufacturer ready to go. Expect to see the TidyTilt for iPhone selling sometime in 2012.