Apple logo to become an antenna?

Apple iPhone 4 close up

Apple iPhone 4 close up

A couple of days before Christmas, the Patently Apple website had a nice little find with their ‘Apple Invents New Kind of Logo Antenna for Portables‘ article.

By placing the antenna in the logo of the iPhone Apple will avoid the reception issues that surfaced in the iPhone 4, the infamous ‘death grip’ brought about by the placement of the antenna in the metal band wrapping around edge of the iPhone.

The patent was originally filed in June 2009, and has only very recently been granted.

The logo antenna covers more devices than just the troubled iPhone antenna, as Patently Apple outlines in the following passage:

To clarify, Apple’s patent confirms that logo antennas may be formed in electronic devices such as desktop computers, portable computers such as laptop computers and tablet computers and in handheld electronic devices such as cellular telephones. But they don’t limit themselves to their current round of products. Apple also includes possible future ultraportable devices which they list as being netbooks, wrist-watches, pendants, headphone/earpieces and other wearable devices.