Tokyoflash Radioactive LED Watch

Tokyoflash Radioactive LED Watch

It has been a while since we last had a look at what Tokyoflash are up to, and here’s one of its latest designs, the Tokyoflash Radioactive LED Watch.

Tokyoflash aren’t *that*interested in making it easy for you to tell the time. In its own words, “If you’re looking for a watch that simply tells the time, then our watches are probably not for you. We design wearable art, many people don’t appreciate art but many people do.”

The Tokyoflash Radioactive LED Watch has a stainless steel case, and an adjustable stainless steel strap. The case measures 30 mm x 44 mm x 11 mm, and weighs 132 grams. It’s powered by a PL301517 rechargeable watch battery, rechargeable via USB. It has a water-resistance rating of 3ATM, meaning it is splash-resistant only. Rain yes, swimming no!

Tokyoflash invite people to send in designs, and, in some cases, those watches are made, and sold. The Radioactive LED Watch was one such design, submitted by Hitoshi Yamada.

The watch is one of Tokyoflash’s Kisai range, meaning it is a limited edition. As well as the stainless steel version, a dark sandalwood version is available, for $US149.

So, how do you decode the time on the Tokyoflash Radioactive LED Watch? First, you press a button on the side to turn on the watch display. And then… well, here’s a gif Tokyoflash prepared earlier:

How to tell the time on the Tokyoflash Radioactive LED Watch

Tokyoflash Radioactive LED Watch price and availability

The Tokyoflash Radioactive LED Watch is available from the Tokyoflash website, and sells for US$159. Shipping for watches over $120 is free.

The video below gives you a good look at the watch: