Aurasma augmented reality app: it’s QR codes on steroids

Possible uses of the Aurasma augmented reality app

Possible uses of the Aurasma augmented reality app

Aurasma is some very cool technology that I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more about in the coming months. It’s an augmented reality app – added to a smartphone and working in tandem with the device’s camera, Aurasma adds levels of information and experience options to a piece of text, photograph, advertisement, etc.

Point the camera at a photograph and be taken to video footage of the event. Point it at an advertisement and be taken to a product’s website. The possibilities for the technology are many and varied. Who knows what the world of dating could become, or what the porn industry, always on the cutting edge of digital tech, will do with this new entertainment strap-on.

Autonomy is currently in multiple talks with Australian media companies about tailored used of the Aurasma augmented reality app. Also, Aurasma will most definitely be a cross-platform app – Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.

Below is a video of the app in action. First, a few things about the video. What you see is real. What you see is not pre-encoded. Autonomy may well have checked prior to filming that the images and text produced a good result, but what you see was done on-the-fly.

Enjoy the video! After watching drop a comment below in the Leave a Reply section. Anything you’d like to see this technology do?