Beolit 12 kicks off the new B&O Play brand

B&O Play Beolit 12, in the blue colour

Bang & Olufsen today announced a new brand, B&O Play, and the first device under the new brand, the Beolit 12.

First to the brand, B&O Play. As much as being a brand known for some striking design, equally Bang & Olufsen are known for somewhat stratospheric pricing. B&O Play is an attempt to capture new customers, those with design appreciation and a budget.

“We are very excited about the range of products that we will launch under this new brand. Through B&O Play, we will bring core Bang & Olufsen values of design, performance, and quality to a new audience” says Tue Mantoni, CEO of Bang & Olufsen. “I think we will see many new customers be intrigued by the products under the B&O Play brand – customers who want an ultra-convenient experience. We now offer them this experience in a beautifully designed solution combined with superior sound and acoustics performance so the quality of the listening experience is significantly improved. In addition, many loyal Bang & Olufsen customers have already told us that they would use these products in second homes, children’s rooms or to enjoy media content on the move

In today’s statement Bang & Olufsen also mentioned a desire to assign to B&O Play a “contemporary and playful design”. First up for B&O Play is the Beolit 12, a portable sound system, utilising Apple’s wireless AirPlay system to wirelessly play music from an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. Don’t’ want to, or can’t go wireless? You can plug in and play via the Beolit 12’s USB port or speaker jack, so your non-Apple devices will also play through the device.

B&O Play Beolit 12, in the blue colour

On a full charge the Beolit 12 will provide up to 8 hours play time – though playing ultra loud death metal might tax the system a little more than other types of music most times. Sorry about that death metal lovers.

The Beolit 12 design references Bang & Olufsen’s Beolit radios of the 1960s. The surround a is wraparound of perforated aluminium, with a leather strap on top for portability. Colours? A choice of four: dark grey, light grey, blue, and yellow.

B&O Play Beolit 12, in the yellow colour

Beolit 12 price and availability

The Beolit 12 will go on sale next week, and will have an RRP of $990. Initially only the dark grey will be available, with the blue, yellow and light grey colours soon to follow.

Beolit 12 specifications

  • Designer: Cecilie Manz
  • Class D digital amplifier with a total of 120 watts
  • 2.1 stereo system with 2 x 2” tweeter and 1 x 4” woofer
  • Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 18.8 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Colours: Yellow, dark grey, blue, grey
  • Battery playing time
  • 8 hours wired, 4 hours AirPlay
  • Power amplifier, bass Class D
  • Speaker drivers: 2.1 stereo system w. 2 x 2” tweeter, 1 x 4” woofer
  • Connections: 1 x USB connector, 1 x mini-jack connector, mains, Ethernet
  • Full-grain leather strap
  • Solid aluminium grill
  • Non-slip rubber top tray
  • Mini-jack/USB
  • 8-hour rechargeable battery
  • Built-in power supply
  • Illuminated controls
  • In the box: Beolit 12, manual, power cord, Ethernet cable

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