iPhone Lens Dial adds scope to your mobile photography

There are iPhone cases that protect, and some that increase battery life. There there are a whole lot that do nothing else but look good, or add an individual touch to a mass produced device. The iPhone Lens Dial is not one of those. Instead, the iPhone Lens Dial will help your iPhone-based photography.

The case itself is made from ‘aircraft-grade aluminium. But the exciting part of this case is what attached, which is a dial, containing the following three lenses:

  • 0.7x Wide Angle
  • 0.33x Fisheye
  • 1.5x Telephoto

All three use ‘optical-quality coated glass lenses’. It can be fitted to a tripod, in two positions, enabling photographs to be taken in either portrait or landscape mode.

The price of the iPhone Lens Dial is $US249, and it can be purchased online at the PhotoJoJo store. Note that it will only fit the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

iPhone Lens Dial, in the hand