The future: I’m looking through you

A still from Corning's 'A Day Made of Glass 2'

In March last year, the glass- and ceramic-making company Corning produced an interesting little video called ‘A Day Made of Glass’. Yoy can watch the video in our Will smart glass be our enemy story. Cut to this week, and Corning has released a sequel, ‘A Day Made of Glass 2’. I’ll embed the video below. It’s just shy of six minutes long, and is probably a slicker production than last year. Again it’s ‘Minority Report’ meets ‘The Jetsons’ meets name your own sci-fi reference point, but it’s a well-presented pointer to what may be.

Highlights include:

  • architectural display glass
  • motor vehicle dashboard themes
  • the classroom synch of wall-format display glass and students’ tablet computers
  • work surface display glass, very reminiscent of Microsoft’s Surface
  • 3D-optimised glass components – watch what medical tech could become
  • All-weather surface glass – kicks outdoor educational signage to the kerb!
  • 3D-TV display glass – all wall, all TV!

To the video! Oh, and as someone amusingly wrote in the YouTube comments for this clip, THE job of the future could be window cleaner.

And if you liked this, why not take a look at the companion video, looking at the inspiration behind, and production of, A Day Made of Glass 2. A warning – some of the voiceover here is a little annoying.