The magnetic attraction of the Polar Pen

Polar Pen with iPad

Here’s another to add to the cast of very interesting Kickstarter projects – the Polar Pen. Like other Kickstarter projects I’ve written about, it is a product idea that has been immensely popular. It had a project goal of $14,000 (Canadian), and with 14 days to go it has been funded to the tune of $546,102.

The Polar is a modular pen, composed of magnets, and a cap, clip, tip made from steel with a black zinc finish, and a rubber stylus tip. As you can see in the video at the top of this page, it can work as both a pen, and as a stylus for a tablet computer.

Another thing the video makes clear: this will be a product that will be responsible for thousands of YouTube videos, depicting new Polar Pen tricks.

The pen will be available in either silver plating, or 24 karat gold plating. Kickstarter backers can pick up a whole pen for as little as Canadian $35 for 12 silver magnets, 2 caps, 1 clip , 1 pen tip and 1 Hi-tec-C cartridge, or as much as Canadian $150 for the six-pen package, that includes 72 silver magnets, 12 caps, 6 pen tips, 6 colored rings, and 6 Hi-tec-C cartridges (2 black – 1 blue – 1 red – 1 green – 1 purple). Delivery for Kickstarter backers is expected to be February 2014, and the price includes worldwide delivery.

If you’re interested in becoming a backer, visit the Polar Pen’s Kickstarter page – funding closes on 17 October 2013. For more information on the product, visit the Polar Pen website.