Dell’s new XPS and XPS15 laptops – super fast, super look

Dell XPS 14 laptop, lifestyle shot on desk

Dell Australia tonight announced two new laptops, the XPS 14 and XPS 15, that will sit with the XPS 13, released a few months ago. Dell did of course already have computers called XPS 14 and 15, but these two new machines are a refresh, and sport the high-end, aluminium case of the XPS 13.

The Dell XPS 14 and XPS 15 share the following features:

  • Edge-to-edge displays, with Gorilla Glass for additional protection
  • Support of Intel’s third-generation i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge processors
  • Custom Ethernet port – smaller in size, and the ‘door’ swivels down to accommodate a standard Ethernet cable without needing an adapter
  • USB 3.0 ports
  • Mini display port
  • HDMI Out port
  • 3-in-1 media card reader
  • Sound quality enhanced with Waves MAXX Audio 4
  • Backlit chiclet keyboards
  • Responsive multi-gesture trackpad
  • Integrated HD webcam

The XPS 14 is an ultrabook computer, with a 14-inch screen, running either a Core i5 and i7 processor. It is 20.7 mm thick, and weighs 2.1 kg. What is missing is an optical drive, which Dell has done in order to obtain longer battery life – up to 11 hours. The battery on the XPS 14 is an 8-Cell Li-Polymer, 69WHr, and is wired into the case, not replaceable by the customer.

The XPS 15 is 23.2mm thick, with the weight, depending on configuration, starts at 2.6 kg. The 15.6-inch display is full HD resolution (1920×1080), with a brightness of 350 nits. A Blu-ray drive is included on this model, and the battery life is up to 8 hours.

XP14 and XPS 15 – price and availability

The XPS 14 price starts at $1,299, with a hybrid 500GB/32GB hard disc drive /solid state drive. The XPS15 will be available from $1,499, with a hybrid 1TB/32GB hard disc drive /solid state drive.

Both are available to buy now from Dell online, or via Dell resellers.

XP14 and XPS 15 image gallery

Click the thumbnails below to see larger images of the XPS 14 and XPS 15: