Fitbit finally discovers Australia

Fitbit colour range

I first wrote about the Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker back on 17 June, 2010, in Fitbit: pedometer and then some. At the time it was only ‘officially’ available in the USA and UK, and when asked about Australian availability I was told by FitBit US, that:

Sorry, but we will be shipping only to the US, initially. We have to pass government certifications for wireless and product safety in each country and we are focused on passing the US tests first. We plan on making the Fitbit available for international orders a few months after our US launch.

I’ve had one now for six months, and you can read my Fitbit review here. I purchased mine from Amazon, and paid US$99.99. To read about how having a Fitbit helped me put a lot of change into my life, read Couch to marathon; or better living through gadgetry

The good news is that the Fitbit will be available in Australian stores on July 1. Not only that, the accompanying free app, previously unavailable outside the US and UK unless you played games with your iTunes account, will also be downloadable to Aussie smartphones – for iPhones, iPod Touch and Android, from the same date.

Further to the good news, Fitbit’s Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales will also be on sale from July 1.

The Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker will sell for $119.99 RRP, and be available in the black with blue trim, and black with plum trim colour ways. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales will be $149.99 RRP, and available in a choice of either black or white.

UPDATE: Both the iPhone and Android apps for the Fitbit are now downloadable from the respective app stores.

Fitbit Aria Scales – picture gallery