Ear iPhone case – silliest ever?

Ear iPhone Case in use, viewed from the front

Ear iPhone Case in use, viewed from its zaniest angleThe Ear iPhone Case may not be the silliest iPhone case currently available, but I think it could safely win its way through to the quarter-finals in a Silliest iPhone Case Tournament.

It is designed for the Apple iPhone 4, and is made of silicone rubber. Not just any silicon rubber mind you, this is “good quality silicon rubber”. The makers, British site Thumbs Up World, also claim that the Ear iPhone Case “offers protection against bumps and scratches”. I gather this is in the sense of protection of the bouncy kind, like the Ark Hippo iPhone case, as opposed to the somewhat military-like protection of the Griffin Survivor.

And do please stop yourself from taking it to a performance of ‘Julius Caesar’, and throwing it onstage during Mark Antony’s ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears’ line. If you absolutely must dazzle with your wit, be sure to remove the iPhone before you throw the case. Best not throw ears onstage at all. Humour should be made of sterner stuff!

But hey, don’t just take my words on the Ear iPhone Case as any sort of canal of truth. Here’s a little vox pop action:

If you really must have one, I suspect at this stage that the Ear iPhone Case is only available in the UK, where it sells for 13 quid.