Arkhippo – bouncy protection for iPhone 4

Arkhippo iPhone 4 case

Arkhippo iPhone 4 case

The Arkhippo takes a different approach to protecting the iPhone 4 than does the Griffin Survivor. The Survivor is all military, all-weather tough. The Arkhippo instead takes the bouncy route to iPhone protection.

Made of EVA, the Arkhippo’s dimensions are somewhere around the 165 x 80 x 47 mark. It’s not pocket-friendly, but it is drop-friendly.

In addition to the material and the thickness of the case doing the bouncy protective thing, they also allow the Arkhippo to act as something of an iPhone stand, in either upright or landscape mode.

The makers do issue the following warning about the Arkhippo and heat – “Arkhippo is vulnerable to high heat. Exposure to high heat or hot water may cause shrink on the case.”

Buy the Arkhippo

The Arkhippo is available in seven colours: white, black, cyan, purple, pink, green and orange.

The price is US$24 – buy the Arkhippo online

Arkhippo drop test video

This short video demonstrates the Arkhippo’s reaction to gravity and the ground.