ER: season 15 review

ER: season 15, final scene screen shot

ER: season 15 DVD boxTruckloads of awards, cast members that went on to bigger and better things – ER was a a very good TV show for a very long time. And here we are at the end, season 15 on DVD. Twenty-two episodes, 10 collections of deleted scenes, and 947 minutes of high quality US TV drama.

I really don’t think ER ‘jumped the shark’, it remained a strong show to the end. What I think happened with ER was that there was a perception of diminishment. It had been going for 15 seasons, and the cast, while very good, was certainly less stellar than the cast from its ‘glory days’ pulling in a big audience in the 8.30 slot on Thursdays. Plus, toward the end, Channel 9 did play a little fast and loose with variable air times and air days.

And speaking of the cast, there are some nice return appearances in this last season, some more satisfying than others. Dr Carter, one of the original cast members, played by Noah Wyle, appears in a few episodes, in a number of well done story arcs. Less satisfactory, and pretty much just simple cameos, are appearances from George Clooney and Julianna Margulies. Doctors Greene, Benton, Weaver, Corday pop in toward the end, as does a very surprising character with a close connection to a much-loved character from the past.

ER keeps the sentimentality level low in the finale, but there’s enough in there to give long-time fans a warm glow.

ER: season 15, final scene screen shot

ER: season 15 – price and availability

Season 15 of ER went on sale on 13 October, 2010, on DVD, and will cost $59.95 RRP.