Gold iPhone 5S and many-coloured iPhone 5C rumours

iPhone 5S gold, black, white

A new iPhone is expected to be announced on September 10, so as is usually the case the iPhone rumour line is running hot. Two rumours that are gathering strength are the addition of a gold colour to the top-end model, the iPhone 5S, and a range of six colours for the new budget model, the iPhone 5C.

 iPhone 5S in gold?

Japanese site ASCII has what are allegedly images – rather than the mockups that have been published over the past week – of the anodised black, silver and gold back cases of the upcoming iPhone 5S. When you hear gold you might think bling, but the images show a quite understated champagne hue.

For those interested in how the anodising process works, how corrosion is used to toughen the aluminium or tungsten that Apple uses in its products, and injects colour, this video from Bill Hammack the Engineer Guy runs you through the process.

iPhone 5C colour range

The other rumour that has been strong now for a while is that Apple will introduce a new ‘budget’ iPhone, called the iPhone 5C.  The iPhone 5C supposedly will be available in white, blue, green, red, and yellow. Watch the video below for an unboxing of what is alleged to be the back case covers of the iPhone 5C.

Not only will you see unboxing in this video from BestTechInfo, you’ll also see some unstyrofoaming, and a little unplasticing!


Is any of this what will really be shown on September 10? We’ll find out soon enough.

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