The Panasonic GX7 camera, Fraser Island, and me

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked by Panasonic to visit Fraser Island for a couple of days, for the purpose of giving its upcoming GX7 digital single lens mirrorless camera a try. I’ve already written about the Panasonic GX7, this post is to show off some of the images I (the non-pro photographer) took with the camera. I’m pretty pleased with these, and quite impressed with the camera. A big thanks to pro landscape photographer Ken Duncan, who dragged over the canoe to give the shot above some zing. Fraser-Island-Kingfisher-Bay-wharf Fraser-Island-Kingfisher-Bay-red-sunset Fraser-Island-Kingfisher-Bay-purple-sunset Fraser-Island-Kingfisher-Bay-Mt-Sandcastle Fraser-Island-Kingfisher-Bay-trees Fraser-Island-Maheno-shipwreck-rust Fraser-Island-Maheno-shipwreck-mono Fraser-Island-Maheno-shipwreck-barnacles2 Fraser-Island-Maheno-shipwreck-barnacles

High-resolution gallery

The above images are all low-res jpegs – for a look at the originals, try this gallery. Click the thumbnails to view the larger image.

Disclaimer: Scott travelled to Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island to trial the Lumix GX7 as a guest of Panasonic.