Henge Docks 15 and 17 inch models – prototypes made

Henge Docks 15 and 17 inch models - prototypes made, Apple Mac Docking station

Back in late April Henge Docks released its Apple Mac docking stations. These docks enabled MacBook notebook computer owners to be able to place their computers up on one side, saving space and displaying Macs on desktops as one very cool looking slab of tech.

Only thing is, in its initial release Henge Docks only made docks for the 13″ MacBook Pro notebooks.

Good news though, Henge has now made prototypes for the 15 inch and 17 inch aluminium unibody Macbook Pro models. And having learnt from their first release they are refining the product. The new docks have several additions, including a curved internal base of the unit to help the stabilisation and alignment of notebooks whilst in the dock.

Details regarding availability of the new models are expected soon.

Buy the Henge Dock, and more Henge products, online at Amazon.

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