Henge Docks – docking stations for Apple Mac notebooks

Henge Docks - docking stations for Apple Mac notebooks

The Henge Docks docking stations for Apple Mac notebook computers give you an ordered desk, with all cables under control, at the same time freeing up some probably much-needed desk space.

The idea for the docks was born of frustration with swapping a Mac notebook as alternately an office computer and a playing movies on a home theatre system. Cords, connectors, maintaining connectivity – nothing was easy, and nothing was tidy.

The docks are designed to be an exact match of the connectivity options on the side of Mac notebooks. The Mac then stands on its side in the dock, keeping things neat and minimising the footprint of the computer on your desk or home theatre furniture.

This is a very new gadget, with the first computer docks only arriving on the harbour docks on April 17, following around 12 months of design, patent filing, contracts, supply chain logistics and more. The company story is a good one. Matt, Alex and Ben met in third grade. Like many childhood friendships they lost touch with each other, but 20 years later they came together as product designer, physics teach/logistics expert and lawyer, to work out how to get the Henge Docks to work, and how to get them to market.

Henge Docks - docking stations for Apple Mac notebooks - connectivity close-up

The name of the product, Henge, comes from a reduction of the name of Stonehenge, the monumental and mystifying standing stones located near Salisbury, in England. The Henge Docks stand up in such a way so as to recall the standing stones, hence the name. That, and the makers were able to obtain the domain name for the company website. The company itself is based in the USA, in Arlington, Virginia.

What Macs does the Henge Dock fit?

In the first shipment, there is only one size and type of Henge Dock on offer, for the 13 inch MacBook Pro. Henge will, in the near future, have docks for the following Mac notebooks:

  • MacBook white or black plastic (2006 – 2009)
  • MacBook white plastic unibody (mid-2009 – current)
  • MacBook Pro 15″ aluminium unibody
  • MacBook Pro 17″ aluminium unibody

And fortunately, the recent new line of Macbooks gave the Henge Docks no issues for fit or connectivity, so the new Apple Mac notebooks fit the docks just like they should.

I asked one of the co-owners of Henge Docks, Ben Maskell, when we could expect to see the models for computers other than the 13″ MacBook Pro. He said, “We’re not sure when the 15 and 17’s will be ready. We’re kicking our manufacturer right now trying to get them to hurry up. I’d like to say 6 weeks but I’m afraid it could be 12.”


  • 13-inch MacBook Aluminum Unibody Late 2008 to Mid 2009 – US$59.95 + shipping
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro Aluminum Unibody Mid 2009 to Current – US$64.95 + shipping

Buy the Henge Dock

Buy the Henge Dock, and more Henge products, online at Amazon.

AVAILABILITY UPDATE Henge Docks Mac docking stations a huge success


This short video demonstrates how the Henge Dock works, and what’s in the box.

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