Henge Docks Mac docking stations a huge success

Henge Docks, docking station for MacBook

Henge Docks, docking station for MacBook

The Henge Docks, docking stations for Apple Mac notebooks, released in late April, have been hugely successful. How successful? All stock sold out in the first week. The company had forecast its initial stock to take two months to sell.

It is still taking orders, well pre-orders really, and steps have been taken to both ramp up production and cut down production time. At the time of writing they reduced the re-order time by 25%.

Not only is it ramping up the production on the one size of dock it currently produces, for the 13″ MacBook Pro, now that it sees the demand the company is putting the hurry on all the other Henge Dock models it plans to offer. For a full rundown on the models in the pipeline, see my previous article, Henge Docks – docking stations for Apple Mac notebooks.

Buy a Henge Dock

Buy the Henge Dock, and more Henge products, online at Amazon.


Having sold out so quickly, I still haven’t been able to lay hands on a Henge Dock yet. But some intrepid local Mac users did jump in early, order, and have received this now rare docking station. You read their impressions of the product, and unboxing photographs, over at the MacTalk forums.

By the way, I mentioned rare just now. Someone who was lucky enough to receive one of the docks put it up on eBay. What they paid US$64.95 sold for US$197.50!

Video demonstration

And here’s a video run-through of the Henge Docks:

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