HTC Desire HD release date

HTC Desire HD, rear shot close-up

HTC Desire HD, rear shot close-up

HTC are holding a press launch for the Desire HD later today, so we’ll know more about the release date and carrier plans.

We know already that at launch the HTC Desire HD will be exclusive to Vodafone and 3. And it will be one of those rarest of Android smartphones, actually running on the latest version, Android 2.2, also knows as ‘Froyo‘.

We’ll update this page tomorrow as the new details come to hand.

In the meantime, for more details and the phone’s specifications, read our HTC Desire HD preview.

Update: October 26, 4 pm

The HTC Desire HD will launch for $0 upfront on Vodafone / 3 on a promotional $59 plan – that’s their regular $69 plan, with a $10 discount. That’s a minimum cost of $1,416 over the 24 month contract.

And contract is the only way you’re going to be able to have the phone on VHA, they are not offering customers the option to buy the phone outright.

Also confirmed at the press launch is that the HTC Desire HD is not initial-exclusive to Vodafone / 3, it is to remain exclusive.

And finally, as to the release date, there have been no more details provided other than “mid-November”.